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We are data evangelists. Strategy creators. Change enablers. Growth hackers.

The perspective we bring will solve complex challenges with uncomplicated outcomes.
We seek partnership opportunities with limitless potential.


SDSG is a professional services firm that provides exceptional consulting for first-party data, revenue acceleration, marketing technology platforms, and digital transformation.

Our highly skilled network of vertical professionals includes business analysts and AI developers, data scientists, and leading MarTech specialists. We are highly qualified and experienced in understanding an organization's growth needs. Our process of overlaying a customer-centric data model will enable organizations to pivot and respond in a more agile manner to achieve better customer loyalty, grow their audience, and develop new products and services to achieve long-term success.

Results and effective partnerships drive our culture. Understanding each client's organizational goals allows our team to be outcome-oriented with an element of spirited curiosity to keep people engaged while producing exceptional work.

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